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Louis Reynaud
Interim Director, University Center and Events Center Administration
Lisa Milstead
Assistant Director, UCen Financial Services
Mark Beisecker
Director, Campus Store
Carol Cox
Associate Director, Campus Store
Mark Valencia
Assistant Director, Campus Store
Nick Engebrits
Assistant Director, Retail, Campus Dining
Julie Carmack
Office Manager, UCen Administration
Kristi KirkPatrick
Graphic Artist, UCen Administration
Jill Singletary
Hub Manager, UCen Administration
Julie Marvin
Custodial Supervisor, UCen Administration
Hugo Rios
Maintenance Manager, UCen Administration
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Food Security & Basic Needs Advising Center
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University and Community Housing Services
UCen Administration
Bld. 558, Rm. 2264, UCen Rd, University of California, Santa Barbara, CA 93106
UCen Dining Services
Bld. 558, Rm. 1180, UCen Rd, University of California, Santa Barbara, CA 93106
UCSB Campus Store
PO Box 13400, Santa Barbara, CAQ 93107